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Wanted - Past Players of Dr. Deming - Red Bead Experiment

For over a decade starting in 1982, Dr. W. Edwards Deming performed his famous Red Bead Experiment demonstrations in his seminars worldwide. There must now be hundreds of thousands of people that have either directly experienced or have observed the Red Bead Experiment somewhere in the world. As the 30 year anniversary is approaching, it is important to document the reactions, feelings and lessons of these past players so they may be shared with the next generation of players. Join the Red Bead discussion group and describe your feelings and make suggestions for use of the Red Bead Experiment in today's business and education climate.  read more

24 February 2009 - pdf copy --  podcast


What is a RED BEAD? New Video Explains Why It is Important and How to Use It   podcast

The world is a never-ending supply of problems. Solve one and another comes along. The name red bead is a metaphor for the problems that we experience every day in our life. In 1982, working with the noted consultant Dr. W. Edwards Deming a teaching tool called the RED BEAD Experiment was created that Dr. Deming used in his world wide seminars for almost a decade. When you play the game, each player uses a special metal paddle to draw small red and white colored beads from a large bowl. Each draw of the paddle gets 50 beads. Some are white and some are red. The white beads symbolize the good things that we experience each day as we do our work and the red beads symbolize the problems or bad things that we experience. There are many teaching examples as you play the game. One is that "Willing Worker" has little control over the RED BEAD problems. If management is not happy with the results, they dare NOT blame the worker, they need to change or improve the system.  read more

25 September 2007 - pdf copy  --  podcast



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Red Bead Consultant Directory Established to provide Free Listing Directory to Qualified Consultants Worldwide

For Immediate Release

Riga Latvia, Cairo Egypt & Cupertino, California USA - 12 July, 2012


Michael Arthur Johnson Company, provider of the world famous Dr. Deming style Red Bead Experiment announces today the release of a Directory Listing Service. This directory is available to consultants that employ Dr. Deming's management principles and utilize the Red Bead Experiment in their work. 

It will be an exclusive listing of the world's most formable practitioners of Dr W. Edwards Deming's management concepts. Referred to as Profound Knowledge, it creates a unique approach to management of processes and people that is applicable to all aspects of life, business and government. It is summarized in Dr. Deming's famous 14 points - Obligations of Management.

A short four (4) minute video summarizes the Red Bead Experiment and it's connection to Dr. Deming.

A Free directory listing is available to qualified consultants. The listing procedure is quick and easy and may be found on the directory's Internet site

For additional information on the Red Bead Consulting directory listing, contact: Mike Johnson - email: info @

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Red Bead Healthcare Management named as - Exclusive Representative in MENA Region for the Red Bead Experiment

For Immediate Release

Cairo Egypt & Cupertino, California USA - 25 July, 2009

Red Bead Healthcare Management, headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Exclusive representation and marketing partner position for the marketing and sales of the Dr. Deming Style Red Bead Experiment in the MENA Middle East Region.

The Red Bead Experiment was developed in 1982 for Dr. W. Edwards Deming and used by Dr. Deming in his seminars worldwide for nearly a decade until his death in 1994. 

The Red Bead Experiment is proving to be the most effective learning tool to teach Dr. Deming's management principles in use today. It is sold worldwide by Michael Arthur Johnson Company, in Cupertino, California USA.

Information about the exclusive marketing and sales effort in the MENA region may be found on their new Internet site: 

For more information

Contact:  Lina Monzer,

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The Dr. Deming style RED BEAD Experiment ISBN 0-9721828-0-2 consisting of 3200 WHITE colored plastic 6 mm beads; 800 RED colored beads; black metal paddle with 50 holes; Rubbermaid 2 qt clear plastic tub with lid; 38 minute video DVD ISBN 0-9721828-1-0 and 48 page Study Guide ISBN 0-9721828-2-9  (PDF download) and now with 100% Linen zipper bag

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